Image by Tony Christie, Milennium hedge labyrinth at Clonaghadoo Church, Co. Offaly, Ireland

Meditation can transform your life

“Our intent is to offer assistance to those new to the practice of meditation, while giving the more experienced new ways of reaching that peaceful silence within.”

The labyrinth is one form of meditation… a “walking” meditation. There are many others and we discuss a few of them here. In addition, there are some further explanations of the benefits of meditation, history, and some “how to” recommendations to get you started.

There are many changes occurring in the world today and some of the changes can be perceived by many as stressful. In our fast-paced environments, meditation can help transform stress into peace and assist us in coping with various life issues.




These digitally animated labyrinth meditations ore offered so you can experience the power of the walking meditation, even while sitting still.

Classical Labyrinth Animation
This is a virtual walking meditation. It is a digital animation of the Classical Labyrinth. Try It…

Chartres Labyrinth Animation
This is a virtual walking meditation. It is a digital animation of the Chartres Labyrinth. Try It…

Services and Offerings



All about the transformative world of labyrinths…
What is a labyrinth? A path to know yourself. A walking meditation. An infinite Journey. Learn More…



Clay labyrinth fountains and fingerboards by Vicki Keiser…
Mother Earth, the peaceful sound of trickling water and the healing energies of the labyrinth symbol Learn More…



Handcrafted one of a kind jewelry by Vicki Keiser…
These inspired creations are a wearable celebration of the treasures that lie within each of us! Learn More…

About this Site

Greetings! The online Classical and Chartres style labyrinths are still here, as they have been since 1999, appearing with some updated landscaping. We’ve been promising the Ely Labyrinth for years and it is finally happening! Thanks to Jeff Saward, labyrinth historian, and Steve Akash, website developer extraordinaire. We hope you enjoy your labyrinth online meditations with all the new interactive features.

We intend that our valued cyber visitors like what they see and experience on these new web pages. During this most recent re-creation process, we wanted to add more options for the walker depending on time available for meditation, also acknowledging everyone does not walk at the same pace. The Play and Pause buttons are still here intending to replicate an actual physical labyrinth walk as much as possible. Please experiment with the new controls and see what fits you best.

There is now an online store for purchasing unique handmade items created by Vicki Keiser, Reiki Master. The Jewelry page features charms of different Labyrinth styles and finishes, Tree of Life and butterfly charms. Diffuser bracelets using Lava Rock to hold essential oils are also offered. Clay Labyrinth tabletop fountains can be custom ordered using desired labyrinth style, size and glaze color. This is also true for the clay Labyrinth fingerboards. All items are infused with the healing Reiki energies as they are being created.

The Green/Sustainable Movement is growing by leaps and bounds and as it should be. More and more people are becoming aware of the need to recycle goods, purchase green/natural products and use forward thinking service companies. In other words, become better stewards of Mother Earth and her abundant resources. We couldn’t agree more!

The companies and product recommendations appearing on this website have been personally selected and recommended for their green or sustainable qualities. It is our intent that you use the links provided here and purchase from these or other progressive firms of your choice.

Mother Earth thanks you. Namaste.

You must be the change you wish to see in the world

Mahatma Gandhi

Out beyond ideas of right doing and wrong doing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.

Poet of the Heart

That we may touch the earth with kind and gentle hands, that freedom will be found in this and other lands, and joyous peace shall reign throughout the world!

Indian Prayer to the Great Spirit


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